In the heart of Glasgow and across Scotland, the world’s most exceptional riders congregated to compete, break records, and conquer at the 2023 Cycling World Championships.


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The event itself spanned eleven days and hosted thirteen world championships. Our teams were on hand throughout the build, event and break to of the championships to ensure seamless operations, helping create unforgettable an event seen the world over.

Five Star Events Group would deploy between 60 to 80 members on a daily basis, undertaking a diverse array of responsibilities across Glasgow, Dumfries, Stirling, and Balloch.

The teams were entrusted with the crucial task of site preparation and maintenance. This included erecting fencing, crowd control barriers, and deploying sandbags for the 14.3km road race, ensuring safety and organisation throughout the event. Additionally, we meticulously maintained the tracks, ensuring optimal conditions for the cyclists competing throughout the event.

Beyond this, infrastructure setup was a key aspect of our contribution. Five Star constructed tents for staff, catering, and race teams, along with amenities for the general public, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for all participants and spectators. The team managed logistics with precision, handling furniture and branding requirements to streamline these elements across all sites.

Logistics support was another critical facet of our role. At Glasgow’s SEC, Five Star managed the storage and distribution of equipment, ensuring swift accessibility throughout Scotland. Our dedicated van fleet were tasked with loading, transporting and delivering essential gear, ranging from branding materials to bicycles, catering to every logistical need with efficiency and reliability.

Collaborating with our onsite clients, we provided technical support for the main stage on George Square and assisted with the build and break of a sophisticated lighting rig at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

Through extensive planning and execution, Five Star ensured smooth operations across multiple sites, accommodating the diverse needs of participants, spectators, and organisers alike. By creating various event spaces, FSEG acted as a key component in elevating the overall spectator experience.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and round-the-clock support earned accolades from clients and participants alike, establishing us as trusted partners in executing large-scale sporting events. The Glasgow championships exemplified the pinnacle of cycling excellence, and our role in supporting this monumental event underscored our capability to deliver unparalleled solutions and experiences.

Five Star Events Group are proud of our contribution to the 2023 Cycling World Championships, providing essential event support in site preparation, infrastructure setup, logistics management, and technical expertise. As we look forward, we remain committed to delivering unparalleled solutions and support in monumental events such as this.

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