In October and November 2023, Five Star Events Group’s crew division played a pivotal role in supporting the inaugural AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes. The summit, held from November 1-2, 2023, brought together global stakeholders to discuss critical issues related to artificial intelligence (AI) safety and regulation against the historic backdrop of Bletchley Park.


  • Crew
  • Technical Installations
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Furniture
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Setup
Event crew

Five Star’s involvement encompassed a wide range of tasks, including site infrastructure setup, technical installations, and furniture deliveries and layouts.

The team’s adaptability, stemming from Five Star Training’s internal programs, allowed them to seamlessly handle diverse responsibilities. Forklift and telehandler operatives managed loading, unloading, and equipment deliveries, with drivers facilitating on and offsite logistics. Seasoned Crew Chiefs oversaw various teams, ensuring tasks were completed to the highest standard.

Five Star’s efficient handling of site tasks, technical installations, and logistical operations contributed to the overall success of the AI Safety Summit. Our adaptability and expertise were evident in addressing evolving needs and maintaining operational efficiency throughout the event.

Key components of the project included the importance of a versatile skill set developed through internal training, strategic deployment of teams from different regions to ensure ample manpower, and the significance of experienced leadership, exemplified by Crew Chiefs, in overseeing operations and maintaining high standards. Five Star’s integral role in the AI Safety Summit underscores its commitment to deliver absolute event success. The execution of this project highlights Five Star’s capabilities as a premier partner for large scale event coordination, delivery and

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