Five Star Events Group proudly announces a strategic partnership with Bristol Beacon, solidifying our role as the primary supplier of crew, runners, catering assistants, and riggers for the entirety of the complex.

The Beacon, an iconic cultural venue in Bristol, recently reopened its doors since its closing its doors in 2018. On November 30, 2023, the Beacon welcomed back patrons with a refurbished space boasting a main hall with a capacity of 1,800 (2,100 standing), along with two additional auditoria located in the cellars and a former recital room.

Whats On

The venue’s diverse offerings include Club Nights, Comedy Courses & Workshops, Exhibitions, Family Events, Film screenings, Free Events, Gigs & Concerts, Groups & Ensembles performances, Live Streams, Orchestral concerts, Talks & Conferences, and more.

Group Business Development Director for Five Star, Mike Matthews, had this to say:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded the Crewing & Support contract for The Beacons. To be on a journey right from the world opening of the refurbished Beacons venue is a privilege that we do not take lightly.
The Beacons venue is synonymous with hosting and producing world class events since its humble beginnings back in 1867.

I have worked at this venue for the last few decades as a freelance Production Manager, technician, lighting designer and now to have Five Star Events Group being part of the production set-up is terrific.

With Five Star Events Group being strategically positioned all over the United Kingdom and now to be working so closely with The Beacons in Bristol just establishes the Bristol region even further.

With our Beacons Operation team’s set-up specifically to communicate 24/7 with the Beacons we have one common focus in mind: to deliver our crew, riggers, runners and catering assistants in the Five Star way.

Looking forward to a successful future at The Beacons.”

For more information about upcoming events and activities at Bristol Beacon, visit their website. Stay tuned for exciting announcements and collaborations facilitated by Five Star Events Group as they contribute to the vibrancy of Bristol’s cultural landscape.

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